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GUST English Language and Literature (GELL)

GUST English Language and Literature (GELL)


Join us

Monday, April 17 - Thursday, April 20, 2017

This conference aims at exploring translingualism across literature, linguistics, translation and creative writing. The term translingualism means “across languages” and refers to words and other aspects of language that are relevant in more than one language. Recently, researchers have begun to examine the concept of translingualism as a communicative competence. In today’s globalized and borderless society, most communication involves speakers of various languages communicating primarily in English. Each speaker has different cultural values which will affect their production and interpretation of speech and therefore the speakers will not adjust to any one language or culture but rather to the “common communicative arena.”
GELL 2017 will explore this “common communicative arena” as it applies to literature, creative writing, linguistics and translation. The conference welcomes all literature, linguistic, language, and creative writers to participate. Also, professors and instructors of foreign languages and literatures other than English are welcome, however; the language of the presentations/articles must be English.
Each subject area will have its own set of submission categories. The categories for each are as follows:

Literature categories:

  • Border-crossing in language and literature
  • Polyglossia
  • Writing in a multilingual world / writing in a monolingual world
  • Bilingual poetry
  • Hybrid writing: contemporary writers
  • The translingual imagination
  • The alien within
  • Arab women’s writing
  • Critical Theory today: new approaches
  • Bilingual audiences/readers
  • Writing and cultural preservation 

Creative Writing Categories:

  • The Power of the Short Story
  • Flash fiction
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Narrative nonfiction/memoir
  • Writing and cultural relevance
  • Traditional Publishing versus self-publishing
  • Writing and Space: physical and psychological influences
  • Gender and Creative Writing

Language & Linguistics (includes TESOL)

  • Second language pedagogy (or teaching methodology)
  • Second language acquisition theory and practice
  • Approaches to bilingualism
  • General linguistics

Related thematic areas in translation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and Translation
  • Linguistics and Translation Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Translation
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Translator
  • Translating Political Science and Media Texts
  • Translation and Power/Ideology
  • Translation and Religious Discourse
  • Cultural Challenges and Effects on Bi-lingual Translation
  • Translating the Context of Culture in the Arab World
  • Translating Functional Varieties of Texts
  • Translation Techniques for Bilingual Students in the Classrooms

Proposals (consisting of a 300 word abstract and a 200 word biography) should be sent to the GELL organizing committee. Time allowance for each presentation is 20 minutes and an additional 15 minutes will be provided for discussions.

Virtual conference presentation is possible for individuals unable to travel to Kuwait.

Deadline for proposal submission:  January 30, 2017

Notification of proposal acceptance:  February 15, 2017

All inquiries should be directed to the following email: